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Pottery Frankoma, Gracetone

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Vintage Frankoma Pottery 6t Brown Satin Teapot $9.99
Frankoma Pottery Juice Mug Vintage 4 1 2 Inches Tall $6.00
Magnificent Fulper Lamp, 12.5" Tall, In Green And Red $1219.00
Fulper 2 Handled Wistaria Glaze Vase $89.00
Old Fulper Pottery Frog Flower Figural $49.99
Fulper 5" Tall Vase $150.00
Frankoma 1966 Alice Richard Evans Rotary International $9.00
Frankoma Democrat Political Mug 1985 Black $4.49
Unusual Frankoma Blue Pottery Dutch Shoe Planter $4.90
Frankoma Prairie Green 26d Pitcher Rare Good Condition $5.00
Frankoma Octagonal Scalloped Prairie Green Vase $20.00
A Fulper Pottery Pale Green Maiden Art Deco Lamp $175.00
Frankoma Ada Clay Onyx Black Seated Puma 1934 $65.00
Fulper Vase Hand Thrown 7" Tall $135.00
Fulper Wall Pocket Hard To Find $225.00
Fulper Mirror Black W Rose & Blue 7.5" Bulbous Vase $250.00
Blue Fulper Arts & Crafts Candleholder $99.00
Fruit Candlesticks Colorful Fulper Pottery $54.99
Frankoma Oral Roberts Christ Light Candleholder Gold 71 $21.99
Frankoma Christmas Plate All Nature Rejoiced 65743 $26.99
Frankoma Brown Chocolate Divided 10 3 4" Serving Dish $9.99
Fulper Pottery,very Large And Heavy, Handel Era $925.00
Fulpher Arts & Craft Blue Matt Molten Glazed Bowl $79.99
Frankoma Oklahoma Land Run Centennial Light Pink $19.99
Interesting Unmarked Frankoma Small Bud Vase Or Recepttacle Two Open Handles $6.45
Fulper Pottery 10.5" Drip Glaze Jug W Cap $68.00
Frankoma Pottery Westwind -1 Qt Bowl - #6n In Brown Satin $7.99
Frankoma Pottery Symbols Of Freedom Bi-centennial Plate $19.99
Frankoma The Sooner State 46th 1907 Terra Cotta $19.99
Frankoma ,6-94 C , Wagon Wheel ,desert Gold Coffee Mugs $50.00
Vintage Set Of Four Frankoma Gop Elephant Mugs (one Marked Bush Quayle) $18.00
Vintage Frankoma Pottery Plate King Of Kings 1970 $9.89
Vintage Frankoma Pottery Plate The Annunciation 1973 $9.89
Frankoma Notecard-got 1 With Purchase $2.84
Frankoma Pottery Brown Satin 10 Oz Ringed Honey Jug $19.95
Frankoma Pottery Patriots Leaders Bi-centennial Plate $19.99
Gorgeous Arts & Crafts Fulper Colorful 3 Handle Vase $379.99
New Arrow Head Ashtrays Frankoma Terracotta Color $13.99
Fulper Pottery Jardinere, Roll And Scalloped Rim, $24.99
Frankoma Pottery Texas The Alamo 28th State 1845 Plate $19.99
Frankoma Boots $4.50
Fulper Colonial Revival Bowl $10.00
Fulper Jade Pair Candle Holders $149.99
Limited Edition Frankoma #t7 4 In. Prairie Green Coconut Cup (rare) $10.00
Fulper Pottery Pair Decorated Candlesticks $47.96
Frankoma Pottery #4 Brown Saguaro Cactus Vase Planter $49.95
Fulper Vase 10" Tall $245.00
Fulper 5" Tall Mint $115.00
Republican Elephant Frankoma Political Mug, 1983 $7.95
Frankoma Pottery Sitting Puma - Prairie Green $20.99
Frankoma Pottery Thunderbird Small Pitcher 555 Ada Clay $9.99
Fulper Matte Glaze Rolled Rim Bowl Signed Classic $350.00
Vintage Fulper Blue & Green Flambe Console Bowl, As Is $9.99
Frankoma 4" Cowboy Boot #134 And #167 Horse Shoe $9.95
4 Frankoma Coffee Mugs $25.49
Pair Of Fulper Candle Holders Rare Old Great Shape $29.99
Frankoma 1907 Oklahoma 46th State Sooners Will Rogers $19.99
Vintage Frankoma Pottery Plate Flight Into Egypt 1968 $9.89
Frankoma Provocations Stamp Act Bi-centennial Plate $19.99
Frankoma ,prairie Green Candleholder Model305 $5.00
Fulper Grecian Urn Vase - Thick Chinese Blue Flambe W Green Crystalline Glaze $149.99
Excellent Fulper Blue Crystaline Glaze Arts Crafts Bowl $149.99
Signed Fulper Art Pottery Vase Numbered #885 $40.00
Fulper Rich Blue Vintage Cornicopia Vase 1920-30s Great Shape $9.99
Early Fulper Green Glazed Flambe Console Bowl - Exc. $48.99
Vtg. (2) Frankoma Pottery 5c Prairie Green Cups $10.99
Fulper Art Pottery Vase $19.95
Antique Early 20c American Art Pottery Fulper Crystalline Glaze Lamp $199.98
Rare Fulper Pottery Candlesticks Green Crystalline Glaze Low Reserve $100.00
Vintage Frankoma #83 Pottery Planter Brown Bark $5.99
Frankoma Leaf Shaped Serving Platter $10.00
Frankoma Pottery Plate Oklahoma Natural Gas Company Golden Anniversary 1906-1956 $15.00
Fulper, Cream Flambe Over Blue, Beautiful Glazed Vase $495.00
Vintage Fulper Pottery Arts & Crafts Mission Bowl 1909-1915 Early Mark $49.95
Fulper, Green Blue Flambe Over Rose Famille Glazed Vase $475.00
Frankoma Green Brown 8-1 4" Pitcher Excellent Condition $19.95
Lb 13 1 2" Inch Platter Serving Bowl Frankoma Brown $29.99
Small Arts & Crafts Era Fulper Pottery Jardiniere $149.95
Painted Footed Bowl Fancy Hand Painted Jardinere $20.00
Fulper Pottery Brown Drip Jug W Cap $60.00
Arts & Crafts Fulper Mirror Cats Eye Flared Bowl $399.00
Fulper 4.5" Journeymans Vase Cucumber Crystalline Glaze $395.00
Fulper Pottery Arts And Crafts Bowl,early Mark $74.99
Frankoma Pottery Prairie Green Coconut Vase T7 $19.99
Frankoma Battles For Independence Bi-centennial Plate $19.99
Frankoma -reclining Black Leopard-#116-mint Condition $23.99
Frankoma Art Pottery - Covered Dish $4.99
Vintage Frankoma Pottery Plate Laid In A Manger 1969 $9.89
Frankoma Bean Pot W Lid Glossy Black Never Used #4v Exc Cond $15.00
Pretty Sunflower Nut Candy Dish $10.99
Vintage Arts & Crafts Fulper Art Pottery Candlestick Nr $24.99
Pair Art Deco Signed Fulper Hand-painted Candle Holders $90.00
Frankoma Prancing Indian Chief Black# 142- Excellent Cond. $24.99
Exceptional Large Fulper Pottery Vase Beautiful Blue Crystalline Glaze Low Reser $72.88
Frankoma Red Bud Redbud 4.5" Ada Clay 2 Vases # 32 $79.95
Frankoma Oklahoma Red Bud Redbud 4" Pillow Vase $49.99
Frankoma Five-section Relish Tray - #818 $9.99
Frankoma Christmas Plate 1969 Laid In A Manger 65727 $20.99
Lavender & Blue Ceramic Frog Flower Frog $50.00
Frankoma Pottery Dish, #200 "dogwood", Black Glaze $13.99
Fulper, Green Flambe Over Rose Famille Long Neck Vase $350.00
Fulper Pottery Co. 9 1 2" Rose To Wisteria Vase $239.95
Fulper Crystalline Vase Rare Early Signature Raised Mark Must See Pictures $199.99
Fulper Pottery Co. Elephant's Breath "prang" Vase $199.95
Frankoma #305 Sapulpa Clay Onyx Black Candle Holders $10.00
Frankoma The Sooner State 46th 1907 Desert Gold $19.99
7 Frankoma Pottery Hunter Green Longhorn Ranch Logo Dinner Plates $54.88
American Art Pottery Crystalline Glaze Bulbous Vase,possibly Fulper,unsigned $49.99
Frankoma Plainsmanl Cup, Desert Gold Coffee Mug $4.99
Perfect Fulper Two Handled Arts & Crafts Vase Crystalline Glaze Nr $116.03

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